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Chapter One -- Always Yours: A Novella

My short novella, ALWAYS YOURS, is coming soon!

High school sweethearts, Jake and Kelsey, thought their love would last a lifetime . . .

But unforeseen tragedy tore them apart.

When Jake demands to know the truth about why their marriage ended, Kelsey is reluctant to reveal the secret she's been hiding. It might be too late to salvage their relationship, but it's not too late to protect his heart.

A touching story about love and loss. Can hope can heal a broken heart and will forgiveness be enough to offer second chances?

You can read Chapter One of ALWAYS YOURS right here!


Staring across the glossy surface of the lake I could only see their silhouettes embracing in the moonlight as they slow danced at the end of the dock. For most people, the sight was probably romantic with the star-studded sky and jagged line of trees providing a brilliant backdrop.

But for me it was a knife to the heart.

I couldn’t believe he had brought her here. I couldn’t believe he was …

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