Home Sweet Home

 After a few years in the city, Wes and I have decided to move back to the mountain for good. While we love the conveniences of living in town, there is no comparison to the peace and beauty of country living.

Working on the cattle ranch is no typical 8-5 job, but the benefits of living on the mountain far out way lifestyles anywhere else. Wes will have a short commute to work - 5 minutes to be exact. He will be able to come home for lunch most of the time, and usually be home a little after 5pm . There are occasions where he won't be home for lunch, or get home at 8pm depending on what work they have planned for the day, but that's all part of life on a ranch.
I will be running an at-home preschool class for two adorable little girls, so no more commuting for me. I'm so excited to be able to take all the time that I want to help them learn, and the ability to teach them anything I want. It's going to be a wonderful experience.

Living on the mountain will be very different than anything I've ever known. Country living is the perfect lifestyle for us, and our future family. There will be many challenges to face and overcome, but it will all be worth it. We are finally home sweet home.