Acclimating to Country Life

Emerging into the country life has been quite an experience! Since we moved to the mountain I've encountered many new challenges - some that make me want to laugh, but mostly ones that make me want to cry.

My number 1 challenge has been dealing with critters, such as mice, bugs and amphibians. Our house was abandoned for 10 years, so the mice took over until we moved in. I've been finding mouse poop in random places all around the house, including our pantry and my car! Every evening my cats catch a mouse, but are too busy trying to play with it that they lose it!

I've been finding random bugs everywhere too, and I hate bugs! Small ones, gigantic ones, flying ones, slimy ones, etc. The worst was when there was an ant infestation in my bathroom. There were giant flying ants swarming all over my walls and floor! Ick!

While working on the remodel, there has been a challenge with everything that we've tried to work on. Such as issues with changing out the door locks, or installing new flooring, or appliances. I'm trying to remember to laugh, when most of the time I just want to cry. Fortunately, things have been coming together, albeit slowly, but at least it's moving along at all.

Living in the mountains means learning caution because of wild animals. I've encountered a bobcat, coyotes, a rattlesnake, and a MOUNTAIN LION! It's been a little scary at times!

There have been many challenges living here on the mountain, but I'm beginning to learn that it comes with the territory. Despite the difficulties, it's worth it to be able to live in the country. It's calm, and peaceful, friendly, and full of adventures. There are so many great experiences that a city girl like me has never had the privilege to know, and I'm so blessed to have this opportunity. This is an amazing lifestyle that my children are going to be so blessed to be able to live.