It's been a challenge adapting to country life, to say the least. It seems as if nearly every day I'm faced with a new challenge. Our pump broke last week, so we were without water pressure for 8 days; meaning no showers, no dishwasher, and no laundry! Luckily, my amazing in-laws allowed us to shower at their house when needed, so we weren't too dirty at least. Then yesterday, I had to face a personal phobia - crickets! I know, I know - I'm pathetic. But yes, I am very terrified of crickets and grasshoppers. Not because I'm afraid that they will harm me, but because I'm afraid that they will jump on me! It was a nightmare trying to get close enough to the cricket to get rid of it. I debated for a good 15 minutes on what I should do, muttering to myself the entire time about how much I hate crickets! I really, really didn't want to do anything, but the idea of leaving the cricket free to roam around my house was absolutely inconceivable! At first, I had planned to squish it with a shoe, but that required me getting close enough to it which did not work because as soon as I moved closer it turned toward me and looked right at me! Then I had the ingenious idea of tying a plastic cup to the end of a painting extension pole with rubber bands. That way I could stay far enough away, but hopefully capture it in the cup and wait for Wes to come home and get rid of it. Of course, when I went into my classroom to get a rubber band, I found another cricket right inside the door. Chicken through-and-through, I screamed and threw a shoe at it! Luckily I managed to nail it with the shoe on the first try. I felt kind of bad about squishing it, but really, I had no other choice. I finally got my rubber bands, constructed my "cricket catcher" and fortunately was able to cover the cricket with the cup and weighted it down securely so that it couldn't escape. Now all I had to do was wait for my cowboy to come home, and hope that the dog didn't knock over the cup during the wait. Poor Wes, he's come home many times to find a bug trapped under a cup. I'm so lucky that he humors me with my silly fears. He merely comes home, smiles or laughs at the cup, and quickly disposes of the bug. While it's widely known that I do not like bugs, crickets are definitely my nemesis. I can handle other bugs much more easily than I can crickets. Ick. I hope this is not an experience that I will have to repeat any time soon.