Wednesday, October 10, 2012

September Family Party

My great-aunt Nancy was visiting us from Portugal. It had been over 10 years since most of us had last seen her, so it was a great cause to celebrate. We had two family parties, and the first party was the most memorable because it was the first time that the entire Santos family from Southern California was all together in a long time. With the working schedules that many of us have, it is very difficult for absolutely all of us to be present, but this time we managed it. So, of course, we took many pictures, and now have many wonderful memories. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

The Santos and our extended Cellini family

a rare picture of me and my brothers

Cellini family


me and my mom
me and my cowboy

September Art Board

The girls were very excited about this month's art board because it involved a 3D apple tree! Here's how I made it:

I scrunched up a rectangular piece of brown butcher paper for the tree trunk and attached it with tape in the shape that I wanted. (Traditionally, you can just staple the paper directly onto the board, but since I don't have cork board installed yet, I have to tape everything onto the background paper and then pin the entire board up with push pins.) For the tree leaves I scrunched up green construction paper (butcher paper is better, but I didn't have any on hand) and attached it in the shape that I wanted. We used our handprints as leaves for extra dimension. In the past I shaped tree branches with the brown butcher paper, and attached only handprints as the leaves, but with only two girls that would have required a TON of handprints, and bored three-year-olds. I hand-drew the barn and had it laminated for safekeeping. The remaining artwork includes apple print apples, footprint tractors, handprint chickens, and a cow craft.

Now our September masterpiece is complete.

September Art

Our themes for this month were Farm, Pioneers and Wild West. Here are some of the fun art projects that we did. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of our pig craft, handprint ducks, paper log cabins, and woven paper baskets.

footprint tractor

handprint chicken

dairy cow craft

handprint leaves and apple print apples
handprint chicken craft
covered wagon craft

footprint horse

August Art Board

I have had a blast planning out the art and art board for my at-home preschool! Every month I let the girls help me put it together, and then are happily surprised when they come back to school to find it hanging on the wall. They are very proud of their art, and being able to help. They tell anyone, and everyone all about it. Here's how I put it together:
I hand-drew the sand castle and palm tree to serve as a teacher-created art. For the ocean waves I painted on white tissue paper with varying color shades of watered down paint. Once dry, I cut out the curvy shape of the waves and pieced it all together randomly. The remaining artwork was done during the prior week by the girls. They include a paper sandcastle craft, handprint crabs, and footprints in the sand. Then we had our August masterpiece. :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

August Art

Our themes for this month were Beach, Ocean, and Rainforest. Here are some of our fun art projects from August.

Hand and Footprint Lobster
Footprints in the Sand Poem

Paper Bowl Jellyfish

Beach Balls

Handprint Crab


Monkey Craft

Tree Frog Craft