September Art Board

The girls were very excited about this month's art board because it involved a 3D apple tree! Here's how I made it:

I scrunched up a rectangular piece of brown butcher paper for the tree trunk and attached it with tape in the shape that I wanted. (Traditionally, you can just staple the paper directly onto the board, but since I don't have cork board installed yet, I have to tape everything onto the background paper and then pin the entire board up with push pins.) For the tree leaves I scrunched up green construction paper (butcher paper is better, but I didn't have any on hand) and attached it in the shape that I wanted. We used our handprints as leaves for extra dimension. In the past I shaped tree branches with the brown butcher paper, and attached only handprints as the leaves, but with only two girls that would have required a TON of handprints, and bored three-year-olds. I hand-drew the barn and had it laminated for safekeeping. The remaining artwork includes apple print apples, footprint tractors, handprint chickens, and a cow craft.

Now our September masterpiece is complete.