Thursday, January 17, 2013

Family Patriarch

We recently celebrated my grandpa's 80th birthday; the patriarch of the family. It was a special day that was all about Grandpa. There were printed pictures from all throughout his life in every room of the house for everyone to ooh and ah, and laugh over. We had a picture slideshow playing on the living room TV, and a large family portrait sitting on an easel for everyone to sign. Grandpa was surrounded by his family and friends, and my dad gave a very touching speech for the birthday boy that made most of us cry. It was a beautiful day, and Grandpa seemed very touched by all the gestures, and special sentimental gifts that he was given.

It was a day that was all about family, and celebrating the origin of our family. Since I love writing, I wrote a poem for my grandpa and printed it out on a picture of the two of us. While writing the poem, I kept thinking about all the love and lives that we have in our family because of my grandpa. Because of him, there are three more generations of Santos. Looking around at my family, from the grandparents down to the great-grandchildren, I felt a sense of importance in how meaningful this day was. Through one person (technically two, if you count my grandma) all this life has come to be. It truly was an amazing day to be surround by such love, and family, and generations of the Santos legacy. Happy 80th Birthday Grandpa. Your life has truly blessed us all.

In the spirit of celebrating the generations, we decided to recreate this photo of Grandpa with his grandchildren. This picture is approximately 15 years old.

Here we are now, in 2013.

And, of course, we had to add the fifth grandchild born about a year later.

December Art Board

This art board is among my least favorites so far. I love the gift bags, tree and wreath, but the overall look of the board is not anything special. Oh well, it'll be better next year. So, here's how I made it:

For the tree, we started with the bottom row, working our way up. I drew designs on the ornaments, then used glitter for some sparkle. The wreath was made with individual handprints that were cut out and arranged in a layered circle. We made the holly berries with fingerprints, and drew on the leaves with a marker. Once dry, I cut out the berries and glued them onto the wreath. I taped the gift bags to to board, then stuffed tissue inside. That was all it took.

December Art

Our themes for this month were Seasons, Family, Friendship, and Christmas. As usual, I didn't take pictures of a lot of the art. Missing art includes a picture window craft with changeable landscapes, family portrait, surname craft, friendship portrait, and a friendship bracelet. Here's what I do have:

Christmas Tree Treat

seasonal handprints

footprint nativity
hand/footprint reindeer

handprint wreath

handprint Christmas tree

angels (forgot the halos)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

November Art Board

For this month I recycled our rows of corn and scarecrow. I simply rearranged the position on the board. Here's how I did the rest:

The letters were made with a scrapbooking technique of paper layering. Cut out all the letters in 4-5 different colors. For this board, I used dark brown, red, orange, yellow and white. I kept the top brown letter whole, then tore a small piece from the top of the red letter (enough to see a 1/2 inch of the brown letter) then glued the red letter onto the brown letter. Next, I tore a slightly bigger piece of the top of the orange paper (enough to see a 1/2 inch of the red paper) then glued the orange letter on to the red letter. Continue the process until the letters are completely layered. And, yes, I accidentally made the 'g' backward and did not want to redo it.

The Native American girl and cornucopia were hand-drawn.

November Art

Our themes for this month were Multicultural, Native Americans, Thanksgiving, and Transportation. Again, I forgot to take pictures of most of our art for this month. I'm really starting to drive myself crazy because I keep forgetting to take pictures. The missing art includes a multicultural unity hands wreath, world is a rainbow craft, thankful footprint turkey craft, boat craft, car craft and a shapes train. Here's what I did manage to take pictures of:

dream catcher


handprint turkey

teacher-created pumpkin craft

October Art Board

This is our October Harvest board. Here's how I made it:

For the rows of corn, I scrunched up green butcher paper into long strips, then added smaller scrunched up pieces to hold the corn. The corn was made with yellow handprints on white or yellow paper. Make sure to mix the paint with plenty of glue so that the corn kernels will stick.

For the spiderwebs, I drew a web design with glue, then sprinkled silver glitter over it. The webs can also be made by drawing a web design with glue on wax paper, also sprinkled with glitter. Once dry, the web comes right off the wax paper and can be used anywhere.

The scarecrows were both hand-drawn by copying an image I found on google images.

And, voila, our October masterpiece is complete.