Family Patriarch

We recently celebrated my grandpa's 80th birthday; the patriarch of the family. It was a special day that was all about Grandpa. There were printed pictures from all throughout his life in every room of the house for everyone to ooh and ah, and laugh over. We had a picture slideshow playing on the living room TV, and a large family portrait sitting on an easel for everyone to sign. Grandpa was surrounded by his family and friends, and my dad gave a very touching speech for the birthday boy that made most of us cry. It was a beautiful day, and Grandpa seemed very touched by all the gestures, and special sentimental gifts that he was given.

It was a day that was all about family, and celebrating the origin of our family. Since I love writing, I wrote a poem for my grandpa and printed it out on a picture of the two of us. While writing the poem, I kept thinking about all the love and lives that we have in our family because of my grandpa. Because of him, there are three more generations of Santos. Looking around at my family, from the grandparents down to the great-grandchildren, I felt a sense of importance in how meaningful this day was. Through one person (technically two, if you count my grandma) all this life has come to be. It truly was an amazing day to be surround by such love, and family, and generations of the Santos legacy. Happy 80th Birthday Grandpa. Your life has truly blessed us all.

In the spirit of celebrating the generations, we decided to recreate this photo of Grandpa with his grandchildren. This picture is approximately 15 years old.

Here we are now, in 2013.

And, of course, we had to add the fifth grandchild born about a year later.