November Art Board

For this month I recycled our rows of corn and scarecrow. I simply rearranged the position on the board. Here's how I did the rest:

The letters were made with a scrapbooking technique of paper layering. Cut out all the letters in 4-5 different colors. For this board, I used dark brown, red, orange, yellow and white. I kept the top brown letter whole, then tore a small piece from the top of the red letter (enough to see a 1/2 inch of the brown letter) then glued the red letter onto the brown letter. Next, I tore a slightly bigger piece of the top of the orange paper (enough to see a 1/2 inch of the red paper) then glued the orange letter on to the red letter. Continue the process until the letters are completely layered. And, yes, I accidentally made the 'g' backward and did not want to redo it.

The Native American girl and cornucopia were hand-drawn.