March Art Board

This is one of my favorite art boards so far! It's fairly simple, but I absolutely LOVE the rainbow. The only thing I would change next time would be adding gold glitter to the yellow layer of the letters in order to make them stand out more. Here's how I made this board:

To start, I bunched up pieces of white tissue paper to look like clouds. Next I folded each color of the rainbow in the desired arch, then glued them to the background paper. The pot of gold is made with small circles cut from yellow construction paper, covered with gold glitter, then glued onto a large cutout of yellow constructions paper shaped like a pile of gold and taped to the back of the black cauldron. One set of shamrocks was created by marble painting with white, yellow and green paint. The second set of shamrocks was created by modge podging yellow, green and white pieces of tissue paper onto green shamrocks and sprinkled with glitter. The letters were created by layering torn letters in the order of white, yellow and green.