Sharon's Poem

I wrote this poem for Sharon's memorial service, and had intended to add it to the post "Missing Sharon", but forgot. It's short and simple, but I tried to find words that were an expression of her, and I think I got them pretty close.

Sweet, loving, thoughtful . . .
beautiful inside and out.
A loving heart,
a generous soul,
a kind disposition.
Mother, wife, friend . . .
beautiful inside and out.
A familiar smile,
a fond laugh,
a dreamer’s expression.
Faith, devotion, grace . . .
beautiful inside and out.
A heart for giving,
a discount queen,
an inspiring woman.
One of a kind.
Memories, laughter, heart . . .
beautiful inside and out.
A treasure zealously cherished.
A blessing thoroughly enjoyed.
A gift greatly missed.
A new life joyously celebrated.
A love to last a lifetime.