Prayer for my Family

I pray for my family every day during this tough time, but for some reason I wanted to write this prayer into a post. I hope that it will ease some pain, heal some hearts, rekindle some hope and offer a measure of the desperately needed strength and comfort. I love my family through marriage as if they've been a part of my life for years. I have always felt very welcomed, and very loved. It breaks my heart to know how they each suffer in their different ways. If I could take away all their pain, I would . . . but I can't. All I can offer is comfort and love, and possibly some hope for the future. Here is my prayer.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this new day that you have given us. I know that for some of my family, each new day may not seem like a blessing, but more like a curse, because it is one more day that they've had to live without Sharon. I pray that you can ease that pain in their hearts, and that they can find blessing, and joy in each new day that you give us. Please help them to remember that while we have lost a very precious and beloved person, there are still other precious and beloved people in each of our lives. I know how difficult it is to continuously dwell on the loss of that loved one, and to forget about all the other love and blessings that we have in our lives. I know what it's like when one person feels like the sun of your life, and how difficult it is to overcome the darkness of life after that light is gone. Please help my family to find a small measure of happiness in each day, to see the blessings offered in each day, and to remember the other precious and beloved people in their lives who still need their love. Help them to be able to dwell on the positive, to find what they are grateful for in each and every day, and to dwell on the sadness less and less. Thank you for those of us that you have brought closer together, and for the personal relationships that you've strengthened, and that offer us an unimaginable sense of comfort and strength during this time. Please help all of my family to develop closer relationships to one another, and to find the comfort and strength in family that they need to overcome this tragedy. Thank you for the spiritual and personal relationships with you that we have developed, and thank you for strengthening those relationships, and allowing us to draw closer to you during our times of need. For those of us who may have lost sight of you, help them to be able to open their hearts to you, and to be able to find the strength and comfort that you so generously offer, and that they desperately need. Help us to find the strength to move forward with each and every day, and help us to find happiness in each day. Help us to remember how to smile, and how to laugh. Help to fill our hearts with hope. Hope . . . that in each day this pain will ease a little bit more. Hope . . . that with each day we get closer and closer to our eternity in heaven with you, and with Sharon. Hope . . . that our futures still hold many blessings, and much joy. Hope . . . that someday we will feel almost normal, and revel in the blessings of our lives again. You know what's in our hearts, and I pray that you help each of us to deal with and overcome the pain we suffer. Help me to be what they need me to be; a pillar of strength, a shoulder to cry on, a welcoming hug, a source of comfort, a well of love. Help me to heal these broken hearts, to know the right words to say, the right prayers to pray. Thank you for all that you have done for us, and for all that you continue to do. Thank you for the blessing of a baby, amidst the pain of this tragedy. Thank you for the hope that this baby offers, and for the joy and love that we have to look forward to. Even though you allow sorrow into our lives, you still provide us with great blessings. Help us to move forward in each day, with joy and strength in our hearts, and as great examples of your glory. Help us to be the kind of people that Sharon thought us to be, and help us to make choices and actions that would honor and glorify her. Help us to live our lives in a way that will honor you, and make Sharon proud. This family is her legacy. Help us to be an honor to her memory, and a great example of the mother, wife and friend that she is, by living our lives in the way she taught us. Thank you for our memories, and thank you for the blessing of one another. Thank you for the gift of Sharon in our lives, and thank you for her love that resides in our hearts. Help us to look forward to each day with a new hope, a renewed spirit, abiding love, and unhindered joy.
                                                                  in your name I pray,