Sarah, The Author

When I was a little girl I always wanted to be a writer or a teacher. As I grew up, I realized that the profession of writing was as unpredictable as trying to become an actor or musician, so I chose the practical career of teacher. I have always loved children and thoroughly enjoyed my job as a preschool teacher, but when my daughter was born in 2014 I was blessed with the opportunity to become a stay-at-home mom. Now I have two vivacious rugrats that I get to chase around the house and somewhere in between the dirty diaper changes and 100th time in a row of watching Sheriff Callie's Wild West I decided to put pen to paper again -- or fingers to keypad.

Last June, I pulled open the first few rough chapters for a story idea about a royal romance in the fictional kingdom of Coradova -- that I first came up with six years ago! After fleshing out the entire outline and attempting a few more chapters, I was caught by the "writing bug" and spent the following six months diligently working on the manuscript. My husband would probably claim that I was obsessed. Several edits and re-edits later, I had a completed manuscript. When I wrote the final line for HEART OF MINE, I was beyond excited to have actually completed a book from start to finish. Then the reality of what I had done set in: I wrote a novel. The dream I had imagined since childhood was actually within reach.

I spent another six weeks on the journey toward traditional publishing before ultimately deciding on self-publishing. Low and behold, after another six weeks of formatting, cover design and platform building, I finally saw the fruits of my labor. The proof copy for HEART OF MINE arrived in the mail and holding it for the first time -- the physical book I'd spent months perfecting -- was easily one of my top ten best moments. Seeing that dream become a reality is one of the most amazing life experiences.

I have been beyond blessed. Blessed by the God who gave me a talent for writing. Blessed by the mother, and family and friends, who recognized my talent early on. Blessed by the husband who encouraged me to follow my dreams and offered much needed support during this entire process. To each and every person who helped to make this dream a reality, I thank you.

HEART OF MINE is written under my pen name, Lindsay Bergman.

They were never supposed to fall in love ...

He was the Crown Prince of Coradova, and she was the one girl he shouldn't want. Can they overcome a centuries-old prejudice, or will they both have to make the ultimate sacrifice for their one true love?

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