The Royals of Coradova -- Book 2 Progress Update

In my YA romance series, The Royals of Coradova, Book 2 focuses on Prince Ashton. It's working title is MY CAPTIVATED HEART.

The youngest prince in the Royal Family is cheerful, laid-back and intuitive. He's nearly identical to his older brother, Crown Prince Alexander, with black hair and gorgeous blue eyes. They're both loyal and protective of their family. But where Alexander's passion ignites his temper, Ashton is easy-natured with a slow temper and quick smile.

He grinned, flashing that charming dimple again. (--MY CAPTIVATED HEART)

I must admit, I've fallen in love with that adorable dimpled smile.

Ashton's story is sweet, with a tender love that develops over time in true slow-burn style. New characters are introduced that will tug at the heart-strings and make readers cheer for the hope of a happy ending. More scenery and information about the beautiful Mediterranean kingdom of Coradova will be revealed, including a scene with sailing.

The writing experience for Book 2 has been very different from HEART OF MINE. Now that my debut novel is out there, I have a better grasp on my writing style and know the most efficient ways to fit writing into my busy lifestyle. Creating an outline and taking the time to literally visualize each scene before I write it has been very helpful. I'm completing chapters quickly, and don't anticipate having to spend as much time editing the novel once it's complete.

Feedback and reviews for HEART OF MINE have been helpful with writing Book 2, as well as the novella I've recently completed. I've taken to heart certain critiques, and hope it will make my future novels even better.

I've thoroughly enjoyed exploring new characters and relationships in this story, and am very excited to share it with everyone. I'm making good progress on it so far and anticipate launching it by the end of the year.

I hope you'll fall in love with Prince Ashton's story as much as I have.

He stepped over to take hold of my hand and brought it to his lips. The featherlight kiss he brushed against the back of my fingers made my heart flutter. "Welcome to Coradova . . ." (--MY CAPTIVATED HEART)


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